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    Apr 13, 2024  
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Information

Graduate Fees

(per trimester, unless otherwise indicated)

Tuition (per trimester hour) $400
Master’s Nursing Tuition (per trimester hour) $440
Ph.D. Nursing Tuition (per trimester hour) $560
Ed.D. and Ph.D. Tuition (per trimester hour) $450
Specialist in Education Tuition (per trimester hour) $400
Master of Biomedical Sciences (per year) $21,000
Physical Therapy Tuition (per year) $33,000
Auditing a Course one-half the regular tuition cost
Application Fee $ 40*
General Fee $100*
Art Fee for Studio Classes (per class) $ 30
Art Deposit for Supplies  
($75 for ceramics classes/$200 for sculpture classes) $75/$200
Late Registration Fee $ 50*
Late Payment Fee $ 50*
Deferred Payment Plan Fee $ 50*
Late Deferred Payment Fee $ 30*
Drop Course Fee $ 75*
Administrative Fee for Withdrawal $ 50*
Course Validation Fee (per trimester hour) $ 100
Directed Reading Fee  
(per trimester hour above the regular tuition rates) $ 75
Graduation Fee — Master’s $ 100*
Graduation Fee — Specialist and Doctoral $ 150*
Late Graduation Fee (additional fee) $ 100*
Returned Check Fee $ 50*
Transcript Fee $5
Online Course Fee (per hour) $15
Medical Compliance Tracking Fee  
(one-time fee for nursing program) $35

* nonrefundable fees

**refer to “Terms of Payment” on next page

For housing deposits, board, and dormitory rates, refer to undergraduate catalog.
One-half tuition and fees is required at registration for official enrollment. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Terms of Payment

All fees are due and payable upon registration prior to the beginning of each trimester. Returning students who pre-registered must make payment arrangements with the business office by the end of the day on Thursday before the start of each term in order to avoid a $50.00 late payment fee, unless otherwise stated. Returning students who fail to register for the next trimester during the pre-registration period will be assessed a late registration fee of $50.00. New students who register on general registration day must make payment arrangements at the time of registration in order to avoid a $50.00 late payment fee. After registering, all students should access their schedule of classes and charges through their current ledger on the Indigo portal to ensure that all information is correct.

The university offers a deferred payment plan for students who elect not to pay in full at the time of registration. There is a $40 fee assessed each trimester for the privilege of using the deferred payment plan. In order to register under this plan, a student must pay all remaining balances from previous trimesters and a minimum of one-half the tuition, fees, room, and board charges after deducting any student loans, grants, and scholarship amounts. The remaining trimester balance can be divided into two equal payments with payments due at the times specified in the business office and on the university website. Students with a balance owed who fail to set up on the deferred payment plan by the end of the first week of class will be automatically charged an additional $50 late payment fee. Failure to make payments by the due dates specified will result in a $30 late deferred payment charge the following day. If a student is more than 15 days late in making payment, the university reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrollment.

Student statements will not be mailed but will be available online via the Indigo student portal. A statement can be printed from the Indigo student portal, or the student may request a copy in the business office. Throughout the trimester, the business office will send billing notifications to each student’s WCU email address. Upon notification, the student is responsible for accessing his/her statement.

An account becomes delinquent after the final payment due date has passed. If satisfactory payment arrangements cannot be made, the business office will send a letter to the last known address with a final request for payment. If no response is received within ten days, the account will be sent to a collection agency. The collection agency will bill for the balance owed to WCU, plus up to an additional 33.33% for their fee. The student will be responsible for paying the collection costs as stated on the Registration Form in the section “Acknowledgment of Financial Responsibility.”

When an account is not paid in full by the final payment due date, the business office will place a “HOLD” on a student’s record. This “HOLD” restricts the student’s ability to receive transcripts, diploma, and to register for future academic terms. Once established, the “HOLD” will remain in place until the debt is paid in full. For the security of our students’ financial information, credit/debit card payments are not taken by phone. Students may pay by card through the Indigo portal.

Students wishing to give their parents or a third party access to their academic and financial records should complete the disclosure form available through the registrar’s office.

Withdrawal and Drop/Add Refund Policy

A portion of tuition and fees may be refunded to students who officially withdraw from the university or officially drop a course. Any claim for such refund will be based on the date on which the student files a completed request with the registrar’s office through the Indigo portal for official withdrawal or dropping of a course. No refund is made when a student is dismissed for reasons of misconduct. The general tuition refund policy is applied as follows:

During the first week of class refund of 100% less fee*
During the second week refund of 70% less fee*
During the third week refund of 40% less fee*
After the third week None

*$75 fee for dropping a class/$50 fee for complete withdrawal

For classes offered on a schedule shorter than a 10-week term, the refund period will be reduced in proportion to the length of the course. The effect of holidays on this schedule will be determined by the business office.

Student Credit Balance Refund Policy

Refund checks are not available for pick-up on campus. Refunds for students with credit balances are issued through BankMobile beginning on Wednesday of the fifth week of the term and continuing every Friday after that until the end of the term. Financial aid, payments, or adjustments must be received in the Hattiesburg business office by the cut-off date to be considered for refunds the following week. If a student has not received his/her BankMobile information within one week of refunds being disbursed, he/she should contact the business office so that the information may be resent.

Student refunds for credit balances will be disbursed each trimester according to the dates listed in the student refunds link on the WCU website and in the business office information packet. Refunds take at least one week to process; therefore, after the first refund date, refunds will be disbursed every Friday for financial aid or payments that have been received in the Hattiesburg business office by the previous Friday.

Students who will receive a refund must indicate their preferred method for receiving funds by logging onto the website appearing in the BankMobile packet received by mail. Refund methods are:

  1. Direct deposit into an existing checking or savings account
  2. Activation of a BankMobile Vibe account

If a student fails to log in and make a refund selection, a paper check will be mailed. The check may be received up to 30 days after the initial refund date of the term.

Financial Aid

Financial aid programs are available to graduate students who qualify. Financial aid applicants must be accepted for admission before financial aid can be awarded. Nondegree seeking students are not eligible for federal financial aid. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office, (601) 318-6153 for Hattiesburg or (228) 897-7104 for Biloxi. Online students may contact either campus.